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[p]01 | Open Call

"Merda d'artista", Piero Manzoni, 1961
"Merda d'artista" - Piero Manzoni, 1961

[p]01 Hipocrytes

A patio.

This is a place where we invite you to entry -you are really late if you haven’t still-, to create your own profile, tell us about your projects, skills, resources… Creating your own little profile for the rest of this space inhabitants, telling them that you are a very resolutive person, capable, and, over all, very proactive -whatever that means…-. We are offering you a new place to lie, because you are never as good as your LinedIn profile shows, neither as happy as you appear in your Instagram and not even as good dancer as your TikTok followers believe.

So then, what better way, then, to start the first issue of [patio] than by talking about all of us: about hypocrites, phonies and other liars creatives.

We want to know about those who have made lies a way of life, which sometimes we consume with pleasure, or others we are repulsed to know, as if we carefully open the jars labeled by Manzoni without knowing what will be more horrible: That they are empty, or that they fulfill what their label promises. We are facing a shitty Schrödinger’s Cat.

This is an OPEN CALL to rethink concepts, to understand the value of lies in contemporary Art and Architecture, culture. To deal with the figure and the “character”, or with the work that, restoration on restoration, no longer belongs to its time, to any time. Or about professions that only work with illusion and a lot of lying magic. We want to listen to your reasoning, your reflections, your deceptions.

Welcome to this patio.

How can I participate in the Open Call

Participate in debates

When [patio]01 Hipocrytes is published, we will propose a series of related discussion rooms, public (on social networks) or private (through meetings). For these events we will have a series of specialists who will contribute their professional vision.

If you want to participate in these debates, sign up by clicking on the button and leave your details so that we can count on you in the discussions.

Column or brief text

Format: Text + 1 Image / Other
Length: 400-500 words

you can participate in [patio]01 Hipocrytes through short texts or reflections focused on the theme.

You can leave your details and a small abstract of the approach so that we can contact you and work on it. Just click on the button.

Research text

Format: Text + 10-20 images + Others
Length: 4000 words

If you want to elaborate a particular theme through a scientific text, related to the concept, you can propose your research and we will publish it in [patio]01 Hipocrytes

You can provide a summary of your paper or other research, but always indicating the source. Click on the button.

Graphic Atlas

Format: Images / Videos /Others
Length: 15 images + 500 words

[patio] is an experimental publication, and we love to hear new concepts. Use images, videos, text, gifs… Everything you need to support your reasoning!

Leave your details by clicking on the button, along with a brief description, and we will contact you right away.

You can still participate! Everything is almost ready, [patio]01 Hipocrytes will be published within...