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Brief essay on infinity: Two years


Two years! And it seems like only yesterday we began to write -there by Tumblr- more adventurous thoughts than correct ones. Many things have changed in Patio de Sombras since then, but there’s one thing we haven’t changed: The spirit of a constant Call for Papers publication, always in reinvention and horizontal conversation with all of you.

That’s why we’re very proud to announce that the second annual drawing of Patio de Sombras will soon be held to celebrate that we’ve been with you for two years – and the ones we have left! That’s why we’re going to throw the house out the window, and without telling you when, how, or what…. We’re telling you you’re gonna love it!

The world of Architecture and Art does not seem to be understood without experiences, without anecdotes or behind-the-scenes talks. That’s why we decided to sneak into every corner of the Personal Courtyards, of those who live it to tell their experiences, and who have formed in these two years the most fundamental pillar of the Shadow Courtyard. We leave you with the collaboration of all those who have contributed their work this year and have formed with us Patio de Sombras. Thank you very much!

[expand title=”Texts and research”]

Eternal temporality in the refugee camps – Rebeca Morgado

Urban planning in three dimensions: The Taray – Miguel Rosón

The Elche palm grove: A forgotten archipelago – Alejandro Segarra

Anonymous walks – Story – Daniel Quesada

The Ownerless City: Kowloon’s Legal Limbo[/expand]


[expand title=”EG Architecture: Urban Architecture”]

Sustainability is a human activity

The public space is the city

Reconnect: Modernism in Ronda

Filling the empty city

The “experience” or the home? [/expand]


[expand title=”Personal Courtyards: The Professional World”]

Langarita y Navarro

Emilio Tuñón

Fernando Abellanas

Alberto Campo Baeza [/expand]

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