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Manifesto: Art in slippers

We live in limited and interconnected societies, cities, towns, communities… More or less massified nuclei of different individuals, with different aspirations and capacities. Every day, we cross our gaze with dozens of people who instantly transmit to us impressions that may go unnoticed or make a dent in our spirits. A glance at an art gallery, the fascination for the lighting of a large hotel hall, or the aesthetics with which we characterize ourselves daily when dressing, marks our interests, fears, intentions… We tell more than we would ever be able to explain.

For the human being, the capacity and necessity of coexistence in society has created a necessary dimension, in which the conscious or unconscious and personal interests have passed beyond the abstract plane in most cases. By mere leisure, or in an exuberant and personal expression, art has transcended its own limits and has embraced daily life. From the cave paintings to the slippers you wear every morning, art has become a fundamental basis of everyday life.

arte_wearable art
The “Wearable Art” collection by Amsterdam designers Viktor and Rolf is a step forward in terms of the cross gaze between arts.

Do you want to know the latest news of our draw? We haven’t forgotten! And it’s not long before everything is up and running. Go down to the end to find out all the news.

Fashion, music, photography, literature… It’s not just leisure or the occupation of inert time, it’s about personal satisfaction and self-construction. Don’t you choose the music you listen to every morning in the subway? Or which clothes make you feel better that day? Expression and creation is not only in the hands of the privileged Renaissance painters or singers. Each one of us chooses to express our interest and our sensation, and furthermore, we profusely insist that this conscious decision promotes sensations in the rest of individuals.

And the best thing about this “improvised art” is that it is a completely abstract creation, pure and based on sensations, and that although it is not based on theoretical or critical knowledge of fashion or cinema, for example, it is not an illiterate or ignorant expression, much less – don’t get confused. This is purely human art, without Venturi posters or big boasts: A personal feeling promotes collective sensations. And this is the essential part of art without a doubt, be it fashion, painting, photography or, why not, architecture; this is the reason why Picasso’s Guernica is exhibited, or why Richard Serra praises his metals for which gravity seems to slip.

From the stridently coloured socks to the mesh of reeds placed in the courtyard to filter the light, these are daily creative expressions that we often observe and take lightly in an environment that squeezes and screams at us. Cities that push us into a frenzy that neutralizes our own values before which there only remains an answer, a tool or a weapon that curbs global needs and speaks for us without demanding or pressuring us. We only need to walk the streets of our cities wearing The art in slippers.

The fierce aesthetic doctrine of the great architects of the 20th century extended to their way of dressing. What would have happened if Mies had wanted to express other ideas?

Header: Josué Ullate dancing before the Guernica in C.A. Reina Sofía

About our second annual draw!

We haven’t forgotten that we’re two years old, but we want all of you to know that this is going to be a party in which we’re all going to participate. And now it’s time to tell you who else is part of all this with us!

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