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The strongest material

Throughout this morning or last night, we will have discovered small packages under the Christmas tree of our houses. An exciting moment in which surprise awaits hidden under one or several layers of gift paper about 40 microns thick. We are undoubtedly dealing with the most resistant material! With such a small section, it is capable of containing even the most voracious illusions.

And this leads us to think of the magic of this material; paper. Thanks to it we can enjoy the craftsmanship that involves wrapping a gift with affection. The joy of seeing the faces when that skin is detached from the gift, so that all the surprise contained overflows and fills the room in which the action has been triggered. But paper is not just an exciting material with which to wrap gifts! This material is also capable of showing the attachment during the development of a project in an easy and intuitive way. It is the perfect material to make small working or final models with which to share our ideas with others.

So this week, we want to get excited about the capabilities of this object, and not only will we do it by unwrapping the gifts that will have appeared this morning, but by seeing some beautiful models of projects, artists or architects! You don’t want to miss any of them, right? Stay tuned to our social networks, since we are going to try to surprise you in them with the chosen paper models -or you can always revisit this entry next week, at which time all the images shown will appear compiled here-.

Finally, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas from Patio de Sombras!

Header imaga: Naoki Terada, Nº 69 Christmas 2.

Naoki Terada, Tea room “JI-AN”, designed by Shigeru Uchida.
Paper Collective, TAF.
Paperholm, Charles Young.
Paperholm, Charles Young.
Paperholm, Charles Young.
Cut paper model, Jill Sylvia.
Cut paper model, Jill Sylvia.

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