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Unbelievable. Tale of a lie


In 1984, the Boston Science Museum launched an exhibition about dinosaurs, showing species and ways of life. In order to provide the museum with the cache it deserved, scale models of many of the species were commissioned on a real scale: delicate and large objects that could hardly be transported in trucks.

At the same time, Arthur Pollock, one of the great American newspaper photographers, waited on a nearby rooftop to take a unique snapshot of the traffic: An apatosaurus crossing the city hanging from a helicopter. Like a frame taken from a kaiju film, the animal appears to lean out onto the horizon as it is transported, perhaps waiting to be released.

This whole story stems from an unbelievable fact, in which the dinosaur has come back to life, or remained unaware to the rest of it for billions of years hidden on an island or a conveniently dark lake, and at this very moment has been captured and rescued to cross the skyline hanging from a pendulum while planning his escape. And although we know this impossible story, and the exhibition justifies the displacement of an inanimate object of terrifying form, the image taken by Pollock will continue in the imaginary as the possible captivity of an atrocious beast. Because it remembers, it is only implausible.


Link to the original image of Arthur Pollock

And it is often important to believe in certain unlikely, improbable and boldly unimaginable things, bringing magic to a rational life. That’s why we’re still celebrating, and so you can get your 20 20 Charity Calendar -which if you haven’t already bought, you can still do it and collaborate!, we’re going to give you a completely unbelievable month of December.

As we announced two weeks ago, we want you to be attentive to our instagram to get the gifts we have prepared for this third anniversary, and to discover the friends who have supported us in preparing the awards.

Today, December 3, we will launch our first microcompetition on IG, ready?

At 18.00 (Spanish time) we will use our social networks to launch the first challenge. And that’s just the beginning!

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